GIS sign&archive

Signing and archiving all your electronic documents with legal recognition.
GIS sign&archive offers :

A service accessible as web services or via a customized web portal 

  • Legally recognized archiving
  • All functions are accessible as web services: submission, signature, archiving, indexing, search and full text search 
  • Dynamic creation of online safes possible 
  • Archiving for the desired period

Highly secure archiving

  • Redundant infrastructure hosted on two different sites
  • Solutions compliant with the main market standards (AFNOR Z 42-013 and the FNTC label)
  • Scalable infrastructuresredondée hébergée sur deux sites différents

All signatures

  • PDF: signature in "certification" or "recipient" mode, inclusive or with the support of forms, visible or invisible
  • XML: detached, enveloped or enveloping signatures; XAdES support; counter-signatures supported; external references supported
  • PKCS7, CMS, S/MIME, enveloping or detached, co- or counter-signed
  • PKCS1 based on the SHA1, SHA256 and MD5 digests.
  • Over 40 countries supported

Onligne signatures

  • Service of non-repudiation of online actions, enabling fully digitization document management and easily integrated into the different portals
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