Created in 1991 at the initiative of the healthcare sector and wholesale distributors, the Edipharm EIG is the data flow operator (edi) used by all Healthcare players.  Operated by Cegedim, the G.I.E benefits from the group's resources and infrastructure.
The EIG brings together all the "town" players in the healthcare sector (human and animal health pharmaceutical companies, wholesale distributors, veterinary groups, dealers, brokers, groups and pharmacies)
The G.I.E actively participates in different working groups (CIP, ACL, GS1, SRP, etc.) to:
  • Facilitate the electronic exchange of commercial documents (edi) between the different players in the supply chain; 
  • Guarantee perfect health product traceability throughout the supply chain: batch number and expiry date; 
  • Computerize all invoices (customer and supplier) exchanged between the players in a tax-compliant manner;
  • Offer standardized, secure solutions proven over 20 years.
For more informationhttp://www.edipharm.org​ :