CG Pay.


Modular suite of services and solutions to facilitate and optimize SEPA migration for direct debit issuers.

Facilitate SEPA migration

To facilitate migration to SEPA Direct Debit, CG Pay. has designed and implemented a software suite (MA€A) that meets the requirements of the European Payment Council (EPC) and is available in licence mode and for SaaS roll-out.

MA€A enables: 

  • Minimal adaptations to be made to the direct debit issuer's information system and makes the complex rules relating to the use of the SEPA mandate and direct debit transparent to business users (contract and payment collection managers),
  • Optimum operation where the mandate management processes are fully integrated in the contract and payment collection management processes, irrespective of the subscription mode and the field of activity,
  • The implementation of customized procedures to migrate from the current national direct debit authorizations to the SEPA mandates, irrespective of the country in which the direct debit issuer is based.

The Cegedim Mandate Management Service Centre provides all processes and procedures enabling:

  • Collection, digitization and archiving of paper mandates,
  • Digitization and archiving of digitized mandates in an electronic safe (certified NF Z 42013) as well as the associated evidence and recovery management processes,
  • Communication processes with customers (prior information, advance notification, etc.).

Optimize migration to SEPA Direct Debit

CG Pay. already optimizes migration to SEPA Direct Debit by offering the following solutions and services: 

  • Full digitization of contract and mandate management upon subscription in compliance with the law,
  • Triggering of digitization invoices by the customer (payment collections replaced with direct debits and cheques),
  • Introduction of new payment methods.

This suite of services known as CEG€Pass fully dispenses with paper document management (contracts, mandates, etc.). This is possible (in compliance with the law) thanks to the implementation of digitization signature mechanisms (the biometric signature is captured via a graphic tablet), strong authentication mechanisms and the use of the Cegedim Morpho electronic safe.

CEG€Pass services can be implemented in a range of contexts (validating a company's in-house documents, acceptance of general conditions between a supplier and its agents, opening bank accounts, validating credit offers, etc.).
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