Your electronic invoice with no fuss and no change.  

  • Electronically archive your invoices
  • Make savings
  • Save time
  • Meet your customers' needs

The my-invoice offer

For suppliers that lack the capacity to extract invoicing data from their information system, Cegedim has created the my-invoice package.
Thanks to a PDF connector, this package enables suppliers to issue invoice images, extract the data in real time (header, items and footer), conduct the checks required by the buyer, computerize them in compliance with tax laws and electronically archive the originals.
The my-invoice solution developed by Cegedim is based on the creation and archiving of electronic invoices in the form of signed PDFs.
The electronic signature appended to the document authenticates the invoice, making it a tax-compliant original.

What does my-invoice produce ?

  • The PDF image of your invoice, which will replace the paper invoice,
  • The data file required by your customers..

Compliant with French and European regulations ("Electronic signature" mode), my-invoice is a complete range of services generating numerous benefits:

  • Savings: elimination of printing, envelope and postage costs
  • Time savings: invoices issued and sent the same day
  • Improved cash flow: reliability and security of the invoice transmission
  • Improved customer relations: you meet their needs
  • Ease of access: available 24/24 via a web portal
  • Legal conformity: compliance with regulations, legal 10-year electronic archiving

With my-invoice, switch to electronic invoicing with all your customers !


Formore information : www.my-invoice.fr