​Legal compliance

Drapeau europe.jpg​Cegedim operates a platform, certified by Ernst & Young and GS1, which offers all forms of paperless tax, in accordance with regulations.



Cegedim performs operations according to the European and French legislation:
  • EDI mode: control the mandatory information, creating checklists and readable associated with original and creative partner lists, electronic filing legal for 10 years.
  • Signed mode: implementation of an electronic signature and / or the audit, legal electronic archiving for 10 years.
Cegedim is committed to maintaining regulatory compliance of the solution over time. Cegedim already manages the standard tax dematerialization of formats: XML sector, EANCOM and its derivatives, XML instead of competing platforms, XML and PDF Cegedim.

Paperless tax and regulatory compliance

Regarding the fiscal dematerialization and its regulatory compliance in different countries, Cegedim has chosen to implement solutions that minimize tax risk to its customers in implementing local solutions.
Indeed, except in France where EDI is historically present, the reality of market exchange electronic invoices in other countries is mainly based on the implementation of signed files.
Therefore, it is essential to meet the requirements of local authorities, especially by purchasing electronic signature certificates of trusted authorities after the country and / or approved by the government of the country.
Cegedim is even support its customers in the countries of the European Union and internationally in countries where regulations allow paperless tax bills, including those shown below:

Evolution of the European regulations​

Moreover, in a context of the evolution of European legislation (Directive of 13/07/2010) and its variation in national laws, Cegedim is involved in several working groups French and European, to facilitate the implementation and deployment of e-invoicing.