GIS e-invoicing

Supplier e-invoicing

The Supplier e-invoicing package, a complete, modular solution to managing the receipt and archiving of all your invoices.

This package is based on seven modules:

Tax-compliant digitizationTo eliminate paper from start to finish.

DigitalizationTo benefit from an industrial method of generating electronic images and capturing data from paper invoices sent by suppliers.
GEDProviding your customer accounts department with an online, unified image database containing all your invoices.
​The archiving service The legally recognized 100% electronic archiving service, for storing all your invoices.

Invoice enrichment and validation toolsTo feed your ERP or account management tools.
​The connectorControls, transforms and formats electronic invoice files received by your information system.
A roll-out service for your partners To convert them progressively to tax-compliant digitization invoicing and allow you to continuously and significantly cut recurrent costs.

​The service is based on​ :

  • The size of the Cegedim network which allows you to benefit instantly from tax-compliant digitization flows from suppliers that are already connected,
  • An affiliation kit (support material, tools and methods) allowing a segmented and industrial approach for your partners
  • The "my-invoice" portal to enable your smaller suppliers to convert to tax-compliant digitization using signed PDFs,
  • A dedicated team to support your affiliation project, with the support of a roll-out monitoring and control Extranet ("").

supplier e-invoicing is :

  • An outsourced service with a single provider, receiving all your invoices,
  • Taking responsibility for the different types of flow from your suppliers,
  • A solution where becoming part of a larger whole allows you to benefit from economies of scale.​
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