Electronic signature & archive


Cegedim is the service provider you need to simplify your digitization document signature and archiving issues !
clock_32x32.pngDo you want to archive documents and/or electronic files in a robust and reliable environment, compliant with the latest laws and standards ?  ​​
document_alt_fill_24x32.pngDo you wish to have a sustainable solution, with data recovery commitments of 1 to 50 years ? 
​​book_alt_32x32.pngDo you wish to combine this archiving with nominative proof of document submission or validation by implementing electronic signature solutions ?
spin_28x32.png​Do you want to integrate signature and archiving functions into your applications through web services, or have a turnkey customized portal ? 
sun_fill_32x32.pngWith its GIS sign&archive solution, Cegedim meets all your needs in this area ! 
With this you can computerize your general sale and rental conditions and contracts, provide your employees with an electronic safe for archiving their payslips, and give your commercial partners access to these documents.
For more information on the solution your need : GIS sign&archive