Cegedim is the service provider you need to support you in your invoice digitization project ! 
clock_32x32.pngAre you seeking to significantly cut your administrative costs ?  ​​
document_alt_fill_24x32.pngDo you want to accelerate your invoice handling process to improve your cash flow ?  
​​book_alt_32x32.pngDo you need to make the data in your information system more reliable to avoid unnecessary adjustments and disputes ?  

spin_28x32.png​Do you plan to eliminate paper invoices from your company to facilitate invoice circulation and validation ?
sun_fill_32x32.pngDo you want to support your company's sustainable development policy by reducing your carbon footprint ?   
With its GIS e-invoicing solution, Cegedim is a leading company in the field of digitization invoices, whose expertise, based on hundreds of successful projects over 20 years, is recognized in France and internationally.
For more information on the solution you need : GIS e-invoicing