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« Up against tight deadlines, the Cegedim teams demonstrate a great capacity to act quickly and provide experts and highly effective and immediately available project managers. Their knowledge of the activity allows them to be extremely responsive, which is a great comfort to us. e-Invoices are an additional brick, allowing us to play the e-card to the very end and offer our customers increasing simplicity" explains Serge Ragozin, CEO of Moneo Applicam.

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​« "The Cegedim teams were able to interface with our technology and offer us a package that remains relevant over time. Cegedim is a genuine expert in tax-compliant digitization we happily rely on. This project will bring the number of countries covered to 18, with extension to the Scandinavian countries planned by the end of 2013" explains Cécile Michaud, Senior Director, Operations, Egencia EMEA. 

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« Through digitization we hope to facilitate exchanges with our customers, reduce our environmental footprint and optimize our processes. This is why chose Cegedim to support us in this project. Its expertise and international experience were decisive factors", explains José Cledera, Director of Operations, Quiksilver Europe.  



​​« The objective was to save 50% of the cost of processing and storing invoices, whilst having quicker and fuller access to the invoice data, which was previously just posted to accounts", explains Jean-Michel Dalloz, Administration and Finance Director of an Elior group subsidiary.

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« We are already seeing numerous benefits from tax-compliant computerization", adds Pieter Vanhoutte, EDI Project Manager, Carrefour Belgium. "In addition to the cost savings and increased productivity, we have also improved the quality of our invoice processing procedures. We have also considerably reduced their processing lead times, which have gone from five to ten days to just one." 

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« "Through its knowledge and expertise of the issue of factors and the reliability of its package, Cegedim enabled us to rationalize invoice control and was able to manage the increase in our invoice volume with complete transparency", explains Véronique Hayaud, Organization Project Manager at CGA.

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« "The introduction of tax-compliant e-invoices with Cegedim has significantly reduced invoice processing times, both in terms of invoices received from our suppliers and those issued to our network", explains Stéphane Maïocchi, Finance and Information Systems Director, Midas France.