Cegedim e-business


Cegedim e-business, a subsidiary of the Cegedim Group, has specialized in computerized data exchanges since 1989. 

The digitization offer 

Cegedim offers a comprehensive digitization package for all types of document exchanged between companies, in all activity sectors across Europe and worldwide.
Cegedim e-business supports companies in digitalization all their management documents and automating their processes, from order placement through invoicing to payment. Cegedim e-business does this through the GIS (Global Information Services) platform, a single package comprising one of the first European electronic exchange networks, which has 100,000 companies connected worldwide and handles 300 million data flows exchanged each year.

Cegedim e-business groups together the following divisions: GIS (Global Information Services), Cegedim Global Payments, Edipharm, Hospitalis, Qualitrans-Telepharma and Qualipharma.


  • 1991: The Edipharm EIG, made up of partners from the healthcare sector, created a sector-specific digitization data exchange system. All wholesale distributors and the majority of pharmaceutical companies exchange orders and invoices via this system.
  • 1992: CEGEDIM, with its EDITRAD translator, became the first company in France to offer its clients  e-invoicing approved by the General Taxation Department (no. 92001) in the form of EDIFACT, ODETTE and GENCOD.
  • 1998: The CEGEDIM-EDI department was created to diversify its activities in digitization exchanges as part of the Data Flow and Services Offerings Business Unit, renamed "CEGEDIM e-business" in September 2010.
  • 2010: CEGEDIM acquired the company DESKOM which it integrated into its e-business Business Unit. Created in 2003, DESKOM's sole purpose was to provide companies with electronic invoicing services for SaaS deployment. So, from 2003, Deskom had implemented numerous projects and built a large network of clients, as well as an integrated and proven multi-channel, multi-sector range of products. 
    From mainstream retail to services, by way of the automotive industry, pharmacy and parapharmacy, transport and electronics, Cegedim has proven that its know-how works in other activity sectors and that its powerful and reliable computerization solutions also have the benefit of being very quick to deploy.


    Cegedim e-business is now the largest European network for electronic invoicing, supported by a team of over 130 staff and 20 years of experience, whose business is to manage information flow computerization projects.


    For more information on Cegedim Group: www.cegedim.com